Shopify Home Page SEO Blueprint

If you have a Shopify site, you are aware that optimizing it for search engines is one of the most crucial things you can do to make sure it is successful. This entails taking care of your Shopify site's SEO. Although there are many factors that affect SEO, in this post, we'll concentrate on improving your site's front page.

Common Mistakes Shopify Brand Owners Make With Home Page SEO?

Even though the vast majority of Shopify brand owners know the importance of SEO, and regularly invest in content marketing and linkbuilding, they always seem to forget about the power of optimizing your brand’s home page.

shopify home page seo

Most focus exclusively on their collection and product page optimization, and while that’s totally fine, they’re definitely missing out on a lot more potential traffic.

You see, the home page is the single most powerful page on your site, in terms of authority - as it’s always the page with the most backlinks.

Therefore, if you ever try to rank for a specific keyword with your homepage, you’re going to have the highest chance of ranking well - as the home page has the most link power and authority.

Let’s take a closer look at the step-by-step process of how to optimize your Shopify Home Page SEO.

How To Optimize Your Shopify Home Page For SEO

1. Keyword Research

The first step of optimizing your Shopify homepage for improved rankings and increasing Shopify conversion rate is finding the right keyword to target.

I’d suggest noting down your top 3-5 competitors, going through all the keywords they’re ranking for, and writing down the single most important keyword for your entire business.

Usually, this would also be the broadest keyword in your target keyword list.

For example, if you’re selling nail polish, your target keyword for the homepage would be “nail polish”.

how do I SEO my shopify home page

2. Competitor research and search intent 

After identifying your target keyword, open up the search results page for the target keyword, in our case, let’s use the keyword “nail polish”.

Then you’ll want to open up every single page that’s ranking on page 1 of Google.

The goal here is to review every single page and note down what kind of information and content is on these pages that are ranking on page 1. Try and understand what the visitor wants to/can achieve by landing on one of these pages, are they just getting information, checking product variants , or can they also buy the product, etc.

3. Building out your own homepage

Since the homepage is also the face of your Shopify brand, it has 2 different purposes.

First, you want your homepage to introduce your brand to someone who’s never heard of your before.

Second, you want to add and optimize the content on your homepage in a way that will allow you to answer the search intent, behind your target keyword that you’ve defined in step 1.

4. Optimize your Meta Title & H1 tags

how to do shopify home page seo

You should also focus on your meta title and h1 heading tag, the easiest way to optimize those is to simply add either the main target keyword or its variation to the meta title and H1 tag.

Feel free to also study your competitors and replicate what they’re doing.

5. Add & utilize rich snippets

Shopify does this by default by pulling your brand information from your Shopify settings page.

No action is needed from your end, but we do suggest reviewing your brand info, links to social pages, shopify schema markups and other details to make sure everything is correct.

6. Image Optimization

Another great practice you should follow is image optimization.

We’re not talking about image compression here (although that’s just as important), rather we’re talking about optimizing the image file names,  adding to them appropriate alt tags and also about the product tags on shopify for the best SEO results.

Our shopify SEO experts' go-to process for doing this starts with making a list of 10-15 keyword variations of our target keyword.

shopify home page optimization

If our target keyword is “nail polish”, variations would be keywords like “nail lacquer”, “nail gel”, “polish for nails”, etc.

We then use those keywords as file names of images that will sit on the homepage, as well as add them as alt tags to those same images.

What to do After Optimizing your Shopify Home Page SEO?

The best next step would be to optimize your collection and product pages following the exact same blueprint.

Another suggestion would be to consider running a full shopify SEO audit, which would allow you to optimize the on-page, off-page, and technical SEO aspects of your store, to make sure everything’s set up in a way that maximizes your chances of SEO success.

Click here to request a free mini SEO audit for your store, to see if you qualify for the full SEO audit.

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