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The ultimate guide to getting the highest ROI out of your Shopify Plus SEO campaign.

You're on Shopify Plus, and you've decided it's time to start paying more attention to your SEO, since you keep hearing that it's one of the highest ROI sales channels you can build out as an eCom business.

But before you start, do you wanna know something funny?

When I was preparing a brief for this article, and doing the research, it seems that most of the articles currently ranking for the "Shopify Plus SEO" keyword, are some sort of guides to Shopify Plus SEO.

That was a bit confusing for me, because we work with primarily Shopify Plus SEO clients (but also a few non-Plus Shopify clients) literally all the time.

The confusing part?

There is absolutely ZERO difference in the SEO process for Shopify and Shopify Plus, the process is exactly the same.

Thus, if you're actually interested in the step-by-step process and the exact strategy we use at GoldenWeb to generate results for our Shopify SEO clients, you can click here to read our complete beginner's guide to Shopify SEO.

My question is...

Why would you do your own SEO as a Shopify Plus eCom Brand?

Just coming in from a business perspective here... If you're the founder/CEO of a Shopify brand, and you're spending the pricy monthly fee to cover the expense of Shopify Plus, then your brand must be doing and growing well.

Which brings me to my question... As a founder/CEO of such a fast-growing brand, I bet your time is MUCH better spent on other tasks like defining the vision for the brand, instead of figuring out and working on the SEO for your Shopify Plus brand, correct?

If you agree with me, then you really only have 2 choices...

  • Build out an in-house SEO team,
  • Hire an SEO agency with a proven track record.

Let's take a closer look at both options.

Building out an in-house SEO team

Building out an in-house SEO team, specifically for your Shopify Plus brand can work wonders, however, there are 2 main problems that come with it...

The first one is the amount of work that a single person can realistically do...

How many articles can one person write, upload and publish per month?

How many pages can they optimize per month?

And finally, how many links can they build per month?

Usually, one person can write about 3-5 articles per month, build 1-2 high-quality links and optimize about 20 pages per month.

This is the route most brands take, but I'm sorry to disappoint you by saying that 3-5 articles and 1-2 high-quality links per month, are nowhere close to what you need to get results with SEO.

Especially if you're in a competitive niche.

The second problem?

The cost.

Just to hire one good full-time SEO in the US, it's going to cost you about $5k/m at the very least, and remember that you'll also have other expenses like linkbuilding expenses and so on.

Let's now talk about your second option...

Hiring an SEO agency with a proven track record

By hiring a Shopify SEO agency with a proven track record, you're not only maximizing your chances of success (since they've done it time and time again), but you're also maximizing your ROI.

If we just briefly take the 3-5 articles & 1-2 high-quality links built per month, produced by an in-house SEO for the price of $5k/m...

And compare that to one of the Shopify Plus SEO monthly plans in the same price range...

For the same price, we'd be able to deliver 25-35 articles per month and 6 high-quality links, and all the other SEO management tasks included in our packages.

That's about 5-6x as much output on the same exact investment, plus you don't have to worry about employee management and everything else that comes with it.

In my opinion, it's a no-brainer, and that's exactly what my intention was when creating and positioning our Shopify Plus SEO agency in the first place.

But enough about me, I want to give you a few more pieces of advice, which I think are detrimental to hiring the right agency to help you scale your Shopify Plus SEO.

shopify plus seo

What to Look for When Hiring a Shopify Plus SEO Agency?

1. Their Strategy

Before you move forward with an agency, you should have a clear understanding of their strategy to deliver results, and of course get you an ROI as fast as possible.

Some good questions to ask are:

  • What pages will be the main focus of the SEO campaign?
  • Will we drive the revenue through email opt-ins, direct conversions, or both?
  • How will the budget be split between content and linkbuilding?

By having clear expectations and well-defined goals for both sides, you'll be able to drastically improve the results of the Shopify Plus SEO project.

2. Their Linkbuilding Methods

I highly suggest asking the Shopify Plus SEO agency about their linkbuilding methods.

Make sure they're not following any shady linkbuilding practices or using tools to auto-generate low-quality links that point to your brand.

As long as their linkbuilding strategy is focused on genuine outreach and PR, you should be good to go.

Asking for an example of a linkbuilding report is one of the best ways you can double-check the quality before moving forward.

3. What Kind of Questions Do They Ask You

Believe it or not, this is one of the absolute best ways to quickly figure out if your collaboration with a Shopify Plus SEO agency will be a good one or not...

On your initial call, pay attention to their interest in your brand, how curious are they?

The more curious the better.

The more they ask about your previous successes, your other sales channels, your products, and the problems you solve/value you provide to your customers... the better.

This type of information is of the uttermost importance and plays a big role in putting together a great content strategy for your brand.

4. Time to ROI

Even as an SEO myself, I absolutely hate this question, but as a Shopify Plus business owner, you have to ask it.

Defining a time to ROI with SEO is extremely tricky, especially if there are no prior results from SEO to analyze.

The best answer you can expect when you ask an SEO agency about the time to ROI is an answer with probabilities.

Nothing is guaranteed, but an experienced SEO will be able to give you a probability of success and a ballpark of when you can expect the results to start rolling in, based on your existing metrics like traffic and domain rank.

5. Reporting

Last but not least is reporting, I'd say this one is of the uttermost importance, especially if you're going to be on an ongoing retainer with an agency.

Some of the key things you want them to report on, on a monthly basis are:

  • organic impressions,
  • organic clicks,
  • organic revenue,
  • ranking positions of your key target keywords,
  • growth/changes of all, compared to the previous month.

Ideally, you should also be able to jump on a monthly call with the Shopify Plus SEO agency, at any time to discuss and evaluate results/strategy.

shopify plus seo results

6. Track Record & Case Studies

Last, but not least... and probably also the most important part of this entire post...

Before you even think of hiring an SEO agency, make sure to review their results and case studies.

In fact, if an SEO agency doesn't have any case studies, results, or testimonials, you should just run, because that's the number one way to get burned.

You should look for at least 3-5 in-depth case studies of clients that are in the exact same industry as you.

For example, if you're a Shopify Plus brand, you should try and find out if the SEO agency worked with and got results for other Shopify Plus brands in the past.

And to answer your question, yes, we have. ;)

Below, I'm attaching 4 of our most successful Shopify SEO case studies and testimonials, which you can review and look through.

If you like the results and want to know if we can do something similar for your brand, feel free to request a free mini SEO audit, where we'll take a look at your brand, and see if we can get you the same results, that we do for our other clients.

  • Solar

  • Pets

  • Education

  • Beverages

$981,172.04 in Additional Organic Revenue in 6-months

$981,172.04 in extra revenue

The Challenge

We were approached by PV Platforms, a high-ticket Shopify store specialising in selling solar panels and equipment.

After running the initial mini audit, we found a few significant issues that were limiting the store’s SEO potential.

These issues included…

  • Poor technical & on-page SEO foundation,
  • Insufficient keyword research & keyword mapping,
  • Dozens of cases of keyword cannibalization,
  • Low domain authority and lack of quality links.

The Solution

The first step of getting the store back on track in terms of SEO was the full audit.

We ran PV Platforms through our full SEO audit, which includes over 285 factors and quick-win opportunities for both SEO and CRO.

This process took us about 9 days, followed by an additional 15 days to fix up all of the issues, and implement all of the suggestions from our side.

Since GoldenWeb is a done-for-you SEO service, we handled all of the tasks for the client, without any input required from their end.

After that, the client opted for one of our monthly SEO packages which include:

  • Keyword research,
  • Content planning,
  • Content writing, uploading, and publishing,
  • Innerlinking and on-page SEO,
  • Technical SEO,
  • Linkbuilding and PR.

The Results

After about 3 months, the results from the audit and implementations really started to kick in.

With all of the keyword-targeted content and niche-specific link building, we really started dominating more and more of our target keywords.

In fact, in the first 6-months of working with PV Platforms, we were able to generate $981,172.04 in additional organic revenue, all thanks to SEO.

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