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We're technical SEO experts

Poor on-page SEO makes it almost impossible to rank a website.

With our SEO audit service we dive deep into your website to uncover all the SEO issues that are holding you back in the search results.

And then provide you with actionable solutions

Let us take care of your technical SEO requirements, so you can focus on your business.

Alex Smith

PV Platforms

Benjamin and his team have been great to work with, have proven themselves with a ton of results.

Deven Davis

We already had a decent base with content and structure, but GoldenWeb's work has positioned us to continue to make gains in very competitive areas.

How It Works

We use a 6-step process based on our quick-wins checklist.
We focus on things that move the needle, making sure you get the highest return on your investment.

1. SEO & CRO Audit

1. SEO & CRO Audit
We start with a full audit of your store, covering 285 SEO & CRO potential growth opportunities. 

2. Keyword Research

2. Keyword Research
We find keywords that your competitors overlooked, and leverage that by targeting the low-hanging keywords.

3. Store Architecture

3. Store Architecture 
We then reorganize the structure of your store, by mapping the collection & product pages to the newly discovered keyword opportunities.

4. Technical SEO

4. Technical SEO
We clean-up the technical errors discovered in the audit, which makes it easier for Google to "understand" the context of your pages.

5. Content Marketing

5. Content Marketing 
We create relevant content, that helps with brand exposure, fills the Pixel with data & attracts organic traffic.

6. Linkbuilding

6. Linkbuilding
We focus on building high authority backlinks to the pages we want to rank, using a safe & white-hat process.

Our Kick-Ass Results

  • Solar

  • Pets

  • Education

  • Beverages

$981,172.04 in Additional Organic Revenue in 6-months

$981,172.04 in extra revenue

The Challenge

We were approached by PV Platforms, a high-ticket Shopify store specialising in selling solar panels and equipment.

After running the initial mini audit, we found a few significant issues that were limiting the store’s SEO potential.

These issues included…

  • Poor technical & on-page SEO foundation,
  • Insufficient keyword research & keyword mapping,
  • Dozens of cases of keyword cannibalization,
  • Low domain authority and lack of quality links.

The Solution

The first step of getting the store back on track in terms of SEO was the full audit.

We ran PV Platforms through our full SEO audit, which includes over 285 factors and quick-win opportunities for both SEO and CRO.

This process took us about 9 days, followed by an additional 15 days to fix up all of the issues, and implement all of the suggestions from our side.

Since GoldenWeb is a done-for-you SEO service, we handled all of the tasks for the client, without any input required from their end.

After that, the client opted for one of our monthly SEO packages which include:

  • Keyword research,
  • Content planning,
  • Content writing, uploading, and publishing,
  • Innerlinking and on-page SEO,
  • Technical SEO,
  • Linkbuilding and PR.

The Results

After about 3 months, the results from the audit and implementations really started to kick in.

With all of the keyword-targeted content and niche-specific link building, we really started dominating more and more of our target keywords.

In fact, in the first 6-months of working with PV Platforms, we were able to generate $981,172.04 in additional organic revenue, all thanks to SEO.

Client's Comments

Alex Smith

Benjamin and his team have been great to work with, have proven themselves with a ton of results.

Want these results for your own site?


What types of sites can you audit?

We can audit any type of website. Most of our customers use major CMS platforms like Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix, or major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce or Big Commerce. 

How much do your audits cost?

Our audit packages are priced based on the size and structure of a site. Our packages start at $1299.

What will you need to perform the service?

We require read-only access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Do you also advise on how to fix the problems?

Yes, our audit reports include detailed step-by-step actions you or your developer can make to fix all the SEO issues we find.

Can you implement the SEO fixes for me?

Yes, if you would like us to make all the required fixes we can do this for you at a very affordable price.

Will the audit guarantee improvements in my ranking?

No, it's impossible to guarantee improvements in your ranking. But best practice on-page SEO is the foundation for ranking a website. It's a ticket to play. Without it you will very likely struggle to achieve consistent and reliable results.   

A team of SEOs and data scientists

We take a technical approach to SEO as it is the only way to get reliable and consistent results at scale.

Everything we do is trialed and proven on our personal portfolio of 6 and 7-figure websites.

Benjamin Strusnik


Founder / Technical Lead

mark whitman

Mark Whitman

Co-Founder / SEO Expert

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Douglas Wilson

Founder, Dotcom Ltd.

"We had major technical errors on one of our sites. After trying everything we could, we still couldn't fix the problems. We engaged GoldenWeb, and 3 months later our site traffic has doubled and we have grabbed a number of valuable featured snippets."


Mila Basmakova

Marketing Manager, Tasket

"I can't recommend GoldenWeb enough, they really helped us get our site unstuck. If you're not seeing the results from your SEO efforts, hit up GoldenWeb to see if your site is suffering from technical errors."


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