How to Increase Shopify Conversion Rate

What’s the easiest way to lift your Shopify store’s profits by 30%?

It’s not by increasing your traffic by 30%...

It’s not by adding more products, or Shopify product variants to your store…

And it’s definitely not by running sales in order to sell more…

The easiest way to lift your Shopify store’s profits by 30% is to increase your conversion rate by 30%.

At GoldenWeb one of our main focus points is delivering a positive ROI to our clients as soon as possible.

Since we primarily do SEO services for shopify, which usually takes 6-12 months before seeing positive ROI, we had to come up with a unique way to deliver a positive ROI for our clients, as soon as possible.

By leveraging conversion rate optimization techniques, alongside SEO, we’re able to get short-term growth from CRO, and long-term growth from SEO.

10 Quick-Wins to Increase Shopify Conversion Rates

how to increase Shopify conversion rate

In this post, we’ll walk you through 10 different quick wins you can apply to your Shopify store in order to lift your conversion rates.

These 10 quick-win opportunities are taken out of our full Shopify SEO & CRO audit, which covers 285 SEO factors, and 65 CRO factors.

1. Create a /reviews/ Page

What do you do before you pull the trigger and buy a product from a brand you’ve never heard of before?

You Google the name of the brand and add the word “reviews” next to it.

increase conversion rate shopify

This is exactly what you should do on your Shopify store as well.

Like it is an essencial improving your site's front page, by creating a page that features all of your customer reviews, you’ll not only be able to lift up your sales and leverage your social proof,  but you’ll also rank #1 in Google for your “brand name + reviews” keyword, which will allow you to recapture even more traffic.

2. Disable Product Image Zoom Feature on Mobile

increase conversions shopify

One of the things that’s often enabled by default in many Shopify themes is the product image zoom feature, where you can get a closer look at the product image by hovering over it.

While this feature works great on desktop, it can be quite frustrating on mobile, as you often cannot exit out of it.

For that reason, we highly suggest disabling it altogether, as it’ll allow for a better user experience, which always leads to higher conversions.

3. Avoid Links to Other Pages Inside Product Descriptions

how to convert sales on shopify

Think about it, if someone’s already on a product page, it means that they’re very close to making the buying decision.

At that moment, the last thing you’d want to do is distract them by offering them (linking to) another product.

Take a quick look at your product descriptions and make sure you’re not linking or promoting any other products or collecion pages in there, in order to avoid distracting the customer.

4. Use Trust Icons Under Key CTA Buttons

shopify increase conversions

By adding reassuring copy like “Shop with confidence” and pairing that with some kind of a seal badge or trust icon like “Verified by Norton”, you dramatically increase the trustworthiness of your brand in the eyes of the customer.

There are many apps out there that make adding these trust icons very simple and easy, and with higher trust, you can also expect higher conversion rates.

In terms of where to add these buttons, I’d start with the “Buy Now” buttons on product pages, and the “Checkout” button on the cart page.

5. Add a Free Shipping Slider to Encourage Additional Spend

how to get conversions on shopify

If you happen to offer free shipping above a certain order value, then we’d highly recommend adding a free shipping slider bar to your cart drawer or cart page.

The idea is to visually indicate how close the customer is to unlocking free shipping and incite them to spend more in order to unlock the free shipping.

While this doesn’t directly impact conversion rates, it will definitely increase your order values, and thus your profits as well.

6. Utilize Klaviyo’s “Notify When Available” on Product Pages

how to boost conversion rate shopify

There will be many instances when a potential customer lands on a product page (for example, by adding Shopify product tags which allow customers to filter particular products on the collection pages), and with a bit of bad luck, you might be out of stock at that exact moment.

In order not to disappoint the customer (and lose a potential customer in our case), it’s a great idea to implement a “Notify When Available” opt-in box by Klaviyo.

“Notify When Available” feature will allow the customer to enter their email and get a notification email when the desired product is back in stock.

Best of all, you also get a new opt-in into your email list, which means that you can now promote additional products to them.

7. Set Cart Page or Drawer to Auto Open on Product Addition

how to improve conversion rate shopify

About a year ago we started working with a big Shopify brand doing about $25m per year in revenue through their Shopify store alone.

After running our full SEO & CRO audit we started implementing the suggestions, one of them was setting the cart drawer to auto-open whenever someone added a product to the cart.

This alone resulted in a 54% lift in their conversion rates, and it remains the most profitable 1-min tweak that we’ve ever done.

If your store doesn’t auto-redirect/open the cart drawer, you should tweak that immediately.

8. Add Countdown Timer in Checkout

how to increase conversion rate on shopify

By adding a countdown timer saying “Your order is reserved for the next x-minutes” and pairing that with a live countdown, you’ll be able to instill urgency and thus lift up your conversion rate, as the buyer wouldn’t want to miss out.

Keep in mind that this is only possible if you’re on Shopify Plus and have an unlocked checkout.

9. Add a Checkout Upsell

Just like the Shopify product schema, the checkout upsell functionality can only be added if you’re on Shopify Plus with unlocked checkout.liquid file.

We highly recommend using ReBuy to add highly targeted product suggestions to checkout, since the app uses AI to come up with additional product suggestions, based on the items you have in the cart.

how to increase shopify conversions

This not only increases your conversion rates but lifts up your average order value as well.

 10. Enable Shopify Post-Purchase Tipping Functionality

If you go inside your Shopify Settings > Checkout, you can enable Tipping.

how to increase shopify store conversion rate

Interestingly enough, from our experience and testing, about 12% of orders leave a tip, on average - how crazy is that?

This means that you can lift up your profits anywhere from 5-15% simply by adding a tipping functionality.

Want even more SEO & CRO quick-wins?

One of the core services that we offer at GoldenWeb is our full Sopify SEO & CRO audit, which covers 285 potential SEO quick-wins, and 65 CRO quick-wins that can be applied to your Shopify store to lift up your traffic and revenue.

If you’re interested in more info, click here to request a free mini audit to see if your brand is a good fit for our service.

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