Shopify SEO For Product Variants

Shopify product variants are a fantastic way to reach more potential customers with SEO, but they can also be a headache. 

This is due to the fact that every option generates a new URL, which can soon develop problems and cause duplicate content issues. Fortunately, you can take a few steps to ensure that your product versions are correctly optimized for SEO, without any negative downside.

What are Product Variant Pages?

shopify seo for variants

Shopify product variant pages, unlike the home pages (that must be original and unique), are pages duplicated from the original product page, but containing a different variant of the same product.

For example, if the product URL looks like this:


A variant URL would look like this:domain.com/products/atheltic-t-shirt?variant=43024402907357One thing that Shopify does really well with product variant pages is that they include a canonical tag to the main URL by default, which helps prevent duplicate content issues.

Unfortunately, that’s not the most optimal way of optimizing your product pages for visibility though.

We’ll share the most optimal way with you soon, but first, let’s take a look at the two different ways of creating product variant pages.

1. Variant created in Shopify’s back-end

This is the most common way of creating product variants in Shopify, and also the easiest.

All you need to do is go into the back-end of your product inside of Shopify, and add a variant.

From there you’ll be able to add unique images and edit other attributes like sizing and so on.

Following this method will generate the URL structure with the variant in the URL, as we discussed before.

seo for shopify variants

2. Creating a separate product page for each product variant

Even though option 1 is the most common when it comes to creating product variants in Shopify, we usually recommend following option 2 for best SEO results.

Option 2 is all about creating a totally separate product page for each one of your variants, and then linking all of these product pages together with a bit of code.

By doing this, the user will have the same flawless user experience, since they’ll have all of the different variants accessible right then and there.

The reason why having separate product pages for variants is much more effective for Shopify SEO, is because you can individually optimize the on-page SEO for every single product variant, without being limited to just one product.

This then allows you to rank much better in organic search results for your target keywords.

Which Option Should You Choose to Create Product Variants?

Shopify product variant pages for seo

The first thing you should do before making any kind of decision is some proper keyword research (or keyword mapping as we like to call it at GoldenWeb)

The idea of keyword mapping has to do with assigning a specific target keyword to each product on your store.

And with that said, if you can identify different target keywords for different variants of the same product, then you should definitely use separate product pages for your product variants.

But if you can’t identify unique keywords for different variants of the same product, you should stick with option 1 and use the default Shopify product variant functionality.

The Benefits Of Optimizing Your Shopify Store For Product Variants

Product variants are a fantastic approach to improving your product's search engine presence. 

The truth is most of your competitors will simply be too lazy to take the 10-20 hours it takes to optimize all of the product variants in the correct way, which is mind-boggling to tell you the truth.

If you plan on selling the same products for a long period of time, investing 10-20 hours will deliver a massive ROI over the long term, simply because you’ll be able to leverage all the long tail keywords and collect all the clicks from those.

If you’re looking for an advantage over your competition, optimizing your Shopify’s product variants and considering Shopify product tags for SEO is definitely one to put at the top of your list.

How To Optimize Your Shopify Product Variants

shopify seo for product variants

When it comes to optimizing product variant pages for Google and other search engines, you should follow the same exact practice as when you’d optimize a regular product page.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Create Product Pages and Optimize URLs
  3. Optimize Meta Titles & H1s
  4. Add a 100 Word Description to Every Product Page
  5. Add Target Keyword as Image File Name and Alt Tag
  6. Enable Product Schema

If you’re looking for a more in-depth guide on Shopify product page SEO or a Shopify collection page SEO, check complete guides from our Shopify SEO experts.

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