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It's 2023...

Ad costs are skyrocketing, new competitors are coming to the market on a daily basis, oh, and let’s not forget Apple’s lovely surprise called the iOS 14 update…

And with that said, there are no signs of acquisition costs coming down anytime soon, in fact, they’ve been on the up and up ever since 2012.

While you can’t control new competition that comes to the market or the increases in ad costs - one thing that you can control is your store’s acquisition funnel…

More importantly, your focus should be on diversifying your acquisition funnel across numerous different traffic channels, which in return dramatically reduces your risk, and enables you to have more control.

And what better traffic channel to focus on, than good old organic traffic - especially if you’ve only been focused on paid traffic up until now!

What if I told you...

That there are at least 100 small tweaks that you can make to your store’s code, structure, design, and functionality that would result in a massive lift in your organic traffic?

Well, there are - we see it on a daily basis as we work with dozens of established Shopify brands, that are straight-up shocked after we deliver the full technical SEO audit report for their store.

GoldenWeb’s Full SEO Audit

GoldenWeb’s Full SEO Audit is a massive checklist of over 285 on-page, off-page, and technical SEO opportunities, that we go through when auditing your website.

These 285 quick-win opportunities have been complied after working with over a hundred Shopify brands, as well as auditing & fixing up over 2 million pages (and delivering some pretty epic results too).

It takes us about 10-12 days to audit your entire store and present you with the full report, and then another 12-16 days to implement all the quick-win opportunities for you.

What does our Shopify SEO Audit cover?

GoldenWeb’s Full Shopify SEO Audit covers over 285 on-page, off-page, and technical SEO opportunities, that we go through when auditing your website. Here's a small part of the things we cover in the full Shopify SEO Audit...

Technical SEO Opportunities

  • PWA setup check
  • Unoptimized Google Index
  • Unoptimized page speed
  • HTML lang attribute errors
  • Bing webmaster tools setup check
  • Site crawlability check
  • Broken internal links
  • Broken external links
  • Broken redirects
  • No external links
  • Links to redirects
  • Redirect chains
  • Redirect loops
  • 302 redirects
  • HTTPS to HTTP redirects
  • 404 pages
  • 4xx errors
  • 500 pages
  • 5xx errors
  • Canonicals pointed to 4xx pages
  • Canonicals pointed to 5xx pages
  • External 3xx redirects
  • Mixed content issues
  • Broken images
  • Uncompressed media
  • Image redirects
  • Broken JavaScript
  • JavaScript redirectts
  • Broken CSS code
  • Unoptimized CSS file sizes

On-page SEO Opportunities

  • Duplicate content
  • Thin content pages
  • Irrelevant do-follow external links check
  • Multiple title tags
  • Missing title tags
  • Title tags too long
  • Title tags too short
  • Missing H1 heading tags
  • Multiple H1 heading tags
  • Missing meta descriptions
  • Orphaned pages
  • Missing alt tags
  • Site-wide keyword cannibalization check

Off-page SEO Opportunities

  • Spammy backlinks check
  • Broken backlinks

Keyword mapping of key money pages

Conversion rate optimization checklist with 65 points

What to expect?

Here’s are some of the results our clients have seen after implementing the suggestions from the full Shopify SEO Audit...

  • 250% increase in average session duration,
  • $1M in extra revenue from organic traffic,
  • 15% increase in average order values,
  • 65-times increase in organic traffic,
  • 54% increase in conversion rates,
  • 100,000 additional organic clicks.

Click here to see even more results & case studies.

But Benjamin...

But Benjamin, why don’t we start with blog posts and link building first?

We can always clean up all these issues later, no?

I smile every time I get that question, in fact, here’s my go-to reply that I’m incredibly proud of…

“If you were building a multi-million villa, but you knew that the foundation is old and weak, would you continue building the villa, or would you first fix up the foundation?”

The answer is obvious and is actually the same when it comes to Shopify SEO audits.

If you knew that fixing up all the issues, and implementing the quick-win opportunities would result in an instant boost in your current organic traffic, wouldn’t it make sense to prioritize that, over everything else?

Not to mention that all your future SEO efforts like new blog posts and link building would result in a higher ROI as well.

To me, it seems like a no-brainer - especially since we audit, and implement everything for you - without any input required from your end.

Click on the button below and see if you qualify for the full audit.

Deven Davis


"GoldenWeb’s work has been amazing for us.

We already had a decent base with content and structure, but their work has positioned us to continue to make gains in very competitive areas."

Alex Smith


"Benjamin and his team have been great to work with, have proven themselves with a ton of results.

Benjamin goes out of his way to provide value in all areas of the business as he's an operator himself."

How It Works

We use a 6-step process and analyze over 285 quick-win opportunities.
We focus on things that move the needle, making sure you get the highest return on your investment.

1. SEO & CRO Audit

1. See If You Qualify
Submit a full audit request by filling out a form and sharing a few details about your brand & objectives.

4. Technical SEO

2. Technical SEO Audit
We find technical SEO errors, that make it difficult for Google to "understand" the context of your store.

3. Store Architecture

3. On-Page SEO Audit
We then analyze the on-page SEO and keyword mapping of your key collection & product pages.

off-page seo

4. Off-Page SEO Audit
Next up, we go through your off-page SEO, audit your backlink profile and come up with a suitable strategy.

seo implementations

5. Implementation
After the full audit, we create a plan of action and start with the fixes & implementations of suggestions.

seo audit results

6. Results
A boost in organic rankings and traffic is typically seen 30-45 days after Google indexes the applied changes.

Client Results & Case Studies

  • Pets

  • Education

  • Beverages

  • Outdoors

70% Increase In Traffic 45 Days After Shopify SEO Audit Fixes


The Challenge

We were approached by french pet store to audit their Shopify store and fix all technical errors. Over a 2-3 week period we completed a detailed audit and implemented all changes. These included:

  • Fixing index bloat and pagination issues to increase the site's crawl budget
  • Sitemap and robots.txt optimisations
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Site structure changes for improved silo'ing of content
  • Fixes for incorrect redirects, orphaned pages and broken backlinks.

The Results

In just 45 days after the fixes were implemented, the Shopify store got a huge ranking boost in the organic keywords and search results, the traffic grew by  over 70%.

Client's Comments

Gabriel Moreau

Gabriel Moreau

I highly recommend Benjamin and his team for any SEO work. We are glad that we found a reliable technical partner and will keep working together.

Want these results for your own site?

Still not convinced?

No problem...
Here are even more results...

 $1M in extra revenue from organic traffic

 110,000 additional organic monthly clicks

 6500% increase in daily organic visitors

Additional wins include...

 250% increase in average session duration

 15% increase in average order values

 54% increase in conversion rates

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to perform the audit?

In order to perform the full audit, we’ll need access to your Google Analytics and Search Console of your domain.

How much does the Shopify SEO Audit cost?

The fee for the full audit is $1,499 USD.

Do you also advise & fix the issues?

Yes, we can either guide you through the implementation of suggestions from the full audit or implement everything for you, which is usually the preferred option for most of our clients.

How much does it cost to fix the issues?

The fee for implementations and fixing up all the issues from the full audit depends on what is discovered during the full audit. Typically the average fee that involves us fixing up everything is around $3,000 USD.

How long does it take to fix all the issues?

It takes between 14-16 business days on average for us to fix up and implement all of the suggestions from the full audit.

What to expect after the audit and implementations?

After the implementations you can expect a boost in organic rankings and traffic, this is typically seen 30-45 days after Google indexes the applied changes.

About GoldenWeb

Founded in 2017, GoldenWeb is a Shopify SEO agency, focused on scaling Shopify brands using the most ROI optimized methods.

A team of SEOs and data scientists

We take a technical approach to SEO as it is the only way to get reliable and consistent results at scale.

Everything we do is trialed and proven on our personal portfolio of 6 and 7-figure websites.

Benjamin Strusnik


Founder / Technical Lead

mark whitman

Mark Whitman

Co-Founder / SEO Expert

"Benjamin’s one of the more knowledgeable SEO experts I’ve met,
 and he specializes in helping eCommerce businesses."

- Jonathan Kennedy, HeyCarson

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Douglas Wilson

Founder, Dotcom Ltd.

"We had major technical errors on one of our sites. After trying everything we could, we still couldn't fix the problems. We engaged GoldenWeb, and 3 months later our site traffic has doubled and we have grabbed a number of valuable featured snippets."


Maaike de Boer

MD, Wijzer over de basisschool

"We had great content and good backlinks, but our technical SEO was holding us back. Since working with GoldenWeb we are up 3x on leads and 1.5x on traffic!"