Best Shopify Apps for Blogs

A blog is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge. But to succeed, you must ensure that your blog is well-designed and easy to navigate.

One way to do this is to use Shopify apps. Shopify apps are designed to help you create a beautiful and user-friendly blog. And the best part is that they’re easy to use and install. In this article, we’ll look at the best Shopify apps for blogs so that you can choose the right one for your needs.

What Is a Shopify Blog App?

A Shopify blog app is a tool you can use to create a blog on your Shopify store. It is designed to make it easy for you to create and manage your blog posts. With a Shopify blog app, you can easily add images, videos, and text to your blog posts. You can also choose from various templates and designs to create a unique look for your blog.

best shopify apps for blogs

Do You Really Need a Shopify Blog App?

No! In fact, some of the best Shopify blogs are created without using a Shopify blog app. You can achieve the same results with Shopify's built-in blog editor. This editor contains all the essential features that you need to create a beautiful and user-friendly blog.

However, if you want to have more control over the design and layout of your blog, then a Shopify blog app is a good option for you. With a Shopify blog app, you can easily customize the look and feel of your blog to match your brand. The built-in feature may prove complex when it comes to certain aspects of design, such as adding images or videos.

Additionally, a Shopify blog app can be a good option if you plan on including features such as social media integration or email capture forms. Most Shopify blog apps offer a wide range of features that can help you grow your blog and engage with your audience.

Top 10 Best Shopify Blog Apps

Below are the 10 best Shopify blog apps that you can use to create a beautiful and user-friendly blog.

Bloggle: Blog SEO & Blog Posts

We cannot talk about Shopify blog SEO without mentioning Bloggle. This app is designed to help you optimize your blog posts for search engines and help you get more traffic. It also has a built-in feature that allows you to share your blog post on social media with just one click.

This Shopify blog app is speed tested. This is a very important feature because a slow blog will discourage people from reading your content. You don’t want that. Bloggle is also very user-friendly. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to use even for beginners. You don’t need any coding skills to use this app.

best blog app for shopify

Blog & Page Builder by Reputon

If you’re looking for a Shopify blog app to help you build a beautiful, responsive blog or page, look no further than Reputon’s Blog & Page Builder. This app is packed with features to make your blog or page look great, including many pre-designed templates, drag-and-drop editing, social media integration, and more.

This app allows you to work directly from your Shopify Admin. This means you can manage your blog or pages without having to leave your shop’s interface. You work directly from Google Docs, hence all your content iexport Shopify blog postss backed up, and you can access it from anywhere.

The main reason why we highly recommend this app is that you export Shopify blog posts from your Google Docs in just a few clicks. Therefore, if you’re looking for an app that will save you time and help you create a beautiful blog or page, then Reputon’s Blog & Page Builder is the app for you.

best blog apps for shopify

Blog Studio

Telling your brand story is essential to driving ecommerce success. But crafting content that engages and informs your customers isn’t always easy—especially if you’re not a natural writer. That’s where Blog Studio comes in. This app provides users with everything they need to create high-quality blog posts, from templates and editing tools to royalty-free images. Best of all, it integrates seamlessly with Shopify, making publishing a breeze.

As far as SEO is concerned, blog content is key. This app can help you ensure your posts are optimized for search engines, helping you attract more organic traffic and boosting your sales. It complements our top-tier SEO services, which is why it has found a spot on our list.

shopify blog apps

Pro Blogger

Keeping your visitors engaged on your blog is key to maintaining a successful website. Luckily, Pro Blogger is here to help! This app allows you to add a variety of features to your blog. There is a slider of related products, which allows you to upsell your products, as well as a social media bar. This app also allows you to add an RSS feed to your blog, so your readers can stay updated on your latest posts.

This app comes with a Customisable Pinterest Pinit Button, which allows your readers to share your content on Pinterest. By using this feature, you can reach a wider audience and increase traffic to your website.

Pro Blogger also allows you to build internal links automatically, which reduces your overall Shopify SEO costs and can help improve your search engine ranking.

best shopify blog apps

Related Products & Blogs

Another Shopify app that is a great addition to any e-commerce site is the Related Products & Blogs app. This app allows customers to see related products and blog posts on your site, which can help increase conversions and sales. The app also includes features such as product recommendations, social sharing, and more.

You can use this app to leverage your posts by displaying product reviews, social media posts, and other customer feedback on your blog. This is a great way to increase customer confidence and show off your products in a positive light.

This app also allows you to caption your photos, which can greatly improve your SEO and get more traffic to your site. We also use it to perform deep customization tasks on your blogs, such as creating custom post types, custom fields, and taxonomies.

blog app for shopify

Blog Linker

Guiding visitors to your blog can be challenging, especially if you don't have a lot of blog traffic. That's where the Blog Linker app comes in.

This app allows you to add links to your blog posts on your Shopify store, making it easy for visitors to find and read your content.

The app works by generating a code snippet that you can add to your store's theme. Once the code is added, the app will automatically generate links to your latest blog posts.

This app operates in tow modes:

  • Tag matching mode: this mode will automatically generate links to blog posts that match the tags of products on your store. For example, if you have a product tagged "red" and a blog post tagged "red", the app will generate a link between the two.
  • Full random mode: The app will generate links to blog posts completely at random. In this mode, all blog posts are given an equal chance of being linked to.
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Related Blog Posts

Suggesting related blog posts at the bottom of each blog post is a great way to keep visitors engaged with your content. Doing this on Shopify's built-in blog editor can be a bit of a hassle. But with Related Blog Posts, you can easily and automatically suggest related blog posts to your readers without having to leave the editor.

This app allows you to set the number of related posts to show, choose which blog post types to include, and even whitelist certain posts.

You can also exclude posts that use a particular tag, style related posts to suite your blog's theme, and much more.

Shopify's Related Blog Posts app is a great way to keep your visitors engaged with your content. By automatically suggesting related blog posts, you can keep them on your site longer and reduce your bounce rate. This app is easy to use and can be customized to fit your needs.

shopify blog editor


DropInBlog is one of the best Shopify blog SEO apps. It allows you to embed products into blog posts, hence giving your blog posts a boost in SEO. There is also an option to moderate comments, so you can keep your blog clean and spam free.

This app helps you add a quick search bar to your blog, so customers can easily find what they are looking for. This is great for giving your customers a better user experience and keeping them on your site longer.

Another great feature of this app is that it allows you to embed videos into your blog posts, which can help increase engagement. Videos are also great for SEO, as they tend to rank highly in search results.

DropInBlog supports rich snippets and schema for structured data, which are both great for SEO. Rich snippets help your blog posts stand out in search results, and schema helps search engines understand your content better.

With a robust built-in SEO analyzer, this app can help you fine-tune your blog posts for better search engine visibility. The analyzer checks title length, meta descriptions, and keyword density.

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Matcha Blog Creator

Creating blog posts that convert is a Shopify SEO practice that can't be ignored if you want your online store to rank higher in search engine results pages. But crafting high-quality blog content on a consistent basis can be time-consuming, especially if you're managing a Shopify business on your own.

That's where Matcha comes in. Matcha has a licensed content library that has over 12,000 articles. This extensive library allows you to get useful ideas and content for your blog without writers' block.

What's more, the app also includes an automatic scheduling feature. You can set how often you want your blog to be updated, and Matcha will generate a social media-friendly schedule for you. This way, you can focus on running your business while still getting the SEO benefits of regular blog posts.

You can also segment your email list with Matcha and send targeted content to them. For example, you can create a segment for customers who haven't made a purchase in the last 60 days and send them blog posts about your latest products.

Additionally, Matcha allows you to measure several metrics, including your blog's traffic, social media engagement, and conversion rate. This data is useful for understanding which topics and types of content perform the best so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

best blog apps for shopify store

SEO Blog Optimizer

One of the apps we cannot forget to mention is the SEO Blog Optimizer. This app is designed to help you get more traffic from Google and other major search engines. It will analyze your blog posts and optimize them for better search engine ranking. It also allows you to track your progress over time so you can see how well your blog is doing in terms of search engine traffic.

When you use this app, it will give you a Realtime SEO score for each of your blog posts. This score is based on a number of factors, including title, metadata, keyword density, and more. The app will also provide you with tips on how to improve your score.

best shopify apps for a blog

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