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Get your website unstuck and ranking again!

Are you fed-up with your poor search rankings? Have you invested in content and links, and seen no results?

If so, you most likely have technical on-page SEO errors that are holding you back.

Give us 20-minutes to take a look under the hood. If we find real issues we'll point them out.

And if we're a good fit you can engage us to do a full audit, and even fix the issues for you.


What types of sites can you audit?

We can audit any type of website. Most of our customers use major CMS platforms like Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix, or major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce or Big Commerce. 

How much do your audits cost?

Our audit packages are priced based on the size and structure of a site. Our packages start at $999.

What will you need to perform the service?

We require read-only access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Do you also advise on how to fix the problems?

Yes, our audit reports include detailed step-by-step actions you or your developer can make to fix all the SEO issues we find.

Can you implement the SEO fixes for me?

Yes, if you would like us to make all the required fixes we can do this for you at a very affordable price.

Will the audit guarantee improvements in my ranking?

No, it's impossible to guarantee improvements in your ranking. But best practice on-page SEO is the foundation for ranking a website. It's a ticket to play. Without it you will very likely struggle to achieve consistent and reliable results.   

Maaike de Boer

MD, Wijzer over de basisschool

"We had great content and good backlinks, but our technical SEO sucked and was holding us back. Benjamin unleashed the dragon - since working with Golden Web we are up 3x on leads and 1.5x on traffic!"


Mila Basmakova

Marketing Manager, Tasket

"I can't recommend Golden Web enough, they really helped us get our site unstuck. If you're not seeing the results from your content and outreach campaigns, hit up Benjamin to see if your site is suffering from technical errors."